The end, and all that comes after

Gathering Darkness

Ave Dominus Nox

the group continued down the path to the location of Karl Stormberg’s castle. the group was surprised by the desolation on this side of the mountain. their were no animals to speak of and the plants were twisted and dyed a horrific greyish red. Black Betty roared down the tattered cobble stone road and into the tunnel at the foot of the mountain, the foutress was built under the cliff to protect three sides. The tunnel narrowed until it came to a large wooden door with the icon of the stormberg clan hammered in silver into the door. A symbol resmbaling a skull with oversized canines had been burned over the elaborate deckoration. as the unlikly squad approched a group of shadows appered from the surrounding trees and blocked the path. Vulkas stoped as quickly as possaable and waited for the newcomers to make the first move, and with a single syllabe “Yogh” a burst of fire struck the vehicle with enogh force to knock it backwards several feet. understanding they were not welcome Black Betty took off like a bat out of hell down the road out of the mountains. after several terse hours they arrived in the town of Delesi, and immediate it was aperent that something was wrong.



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