It happened, no one really knows why, but it did. I heard it was science gone wrong from some, and that it was bad magic from others, but it doesn’t really matter because it did happen. Some even delude themselves into thinking that nothing happened and struggle tooth and claw to return the world to the way it was. But such action is folly; the world is broken and will never be fixed. The world has ended, I was there, and now the dead live, and the living slowly die!

the world died, but unfortunately humanity did not. We continued in the ashes, fighting the entombed, and all of their forms. Darkness falls upon the land where ever the virus spreads, and it spreads everywhere. Ah… The virus, sorry got off track there, the E.N.T.M.D or Erratic Neo Toxic Mutagen Disease brought down Armageddon. It seemed to spring up on every continent, and consumed every corner of the Earth in one year. Those infected would contract a fever, followed by seizures, and ending with complete neural failure. It always kills and the victim never dies. After the infected individual dies the virus really gets violent, converting the body into a suitable host and possessing all the neural passageways left intact. There have been hundreds of possible transformation forms documented, all savage, all hungry, and all determined to hunt the living. The virus only spread by body fluids, which was little hindrance considering the infected’s penchant for biting and bleeding. They were nicknamed the entombed after the acronym of the Virus. When it first happened the governments tried to contain it, tried to stop it and in worst cases tried to kill it using everything from powerised melee weapons to atomic explosives but in the end the societies fell and most knowledge of the golden age of the living was lost.

Since then people have formed tightly knit bastions each with their own values, and in a bitter twist of irony the death of humanity has lead to an influx of cooperation and basically humane behavior. So it continues ad nauseum, the battle of life and death, truly personified.

The end, and all that comes after

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